Community Code of Conduct

Community is a central focus for us at Viva Trucking. Our core concept has always been virtual truckers creating stories together, and since our beginnings in 2016 we've loved seeing the community grow with us. We're proud that Viva Trucking has brought together thousands of players from across the world and all walks of life.

Building Viva Trucking with our community and hearing their feedback has been important to us since the very first day. Our positive community is a testament to our drivers and the way they've embraced our vision for a welcoming and inclusive community.

As Viva Trucking has grown, so has our community and the places we interact with them. Therefore, we wanted to put together a Code of Conduct that covers our expectations for community behaviour - not just in-game, but across all our official channels and community spaces. Whether you're a King of the Road or someone dipping their toes into virutal trucking for the first time, here's how we expect our drivers to behave.

  • Be respectful. Viva Trucking is a community for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. Treat everyone with respect. Diversity only enriches this larger-than-life virtual trucking community of ours and makes the virtual trucking world a far more interesting one to explore.
  • Be welcoming to new drivers. We were all new drivers once, so pay it back by welcoming first-time drivers or those still learning the ropes. It'll set them an example of how to behave and make them want to return, weaving their own stories into the lore of virtual trucking. You may even make some new friends.
  • Be courteous. Don't insult players you don't know. If humour is the intent, remember that this can be lost or misinterpreted online, and words can very easily offend. Be mindful of what you're saying and if someone asks a question, see if you can help them out as you'd appreciate being helped out yourself if the roles were reversed.
  • Keep it appropriate. Avoid swearing in unfamiliar company where possible. Don't post anything containing NSFW material - this has no place in Viva Trucking or its community spaces. And while we all have opinions of the world around us, people didn't necessarily join Viva Trucking to talk about politics or contentious real-world issues. Switch off, escape and enjoy the freedom of the road instead.
  • Follow Event Rules. You must read and follow all information provided in our event posts and announcements. For certain large public events, this will include a specific truck, colors, and accessories.
  • Change your Discord Nickname to clearly display that you are streaming a voice channel.
  • Ask those in the Voice Chat before starting the stream.
  • Follow TruckersMP Rules. When playing TruckersMP, you must follow all the official TruckersMP rules.
  • ETS2 & ATS are games. Games are meant to be fun. If you become angry or frustrated, take a break. Don't be rash and act out your anger in a way that could ruin the experience for others and lead to a report being filed against you.
  • The things you post are public. Don't disclose real-life personal information that could result in fraud, hacking or impersonation. Be mindful about what you share in any online space.
  • You must inform HR of any ban from TMP. If you receive any ban from TruckersMP, you must report it to a member of the Human Resources Department using the 'Contact Human Resources Staff' button in the #contact-us channel of our Discord. Failure to do so promptly may result in disciplinary action.
  • Dual VTC'ing (being in more than one virtual trucking company at a time) is strictly prohibited. If you are a driver for Viva Trucking you cannot be in another VTC at the same time.
  • Users that have been inactive for three months will be notified of their inactivity. This will include both an email and a Discord Message, failure to respond or resume activity will result in your account being terminated.
  • Not all expectations or "rules" are included in this article. Viva Trucking reserves the right to take action on any user where doing so would be in the best interests of Viva Trucking or our drivers, regardless of whether or not the violation is listed in this article.
  • Discriminate against anyone based on who they are. As stated previously, Viva Trucking is a community for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, nationality, creed or disability. Prejudice of any kind is totally unacceptable.
  • Harass, bully, intimidate, threaten or encourage others to do harm. None of these behaviours will be tolerated. Any activity you engage in that is solely designed to target and upset another player or VTC constitutes bullying. Repeated activity designed to ruin the experience of another player or VTC constitutes harassment. Not only do we take these things very seriously, many law enforcement agencies recognise online abuse as an offence.
  • Share anything illegal. If it's illegal in real life, it has no place in our community. Discussing or distributing banned content, copyrighted material or anything related to drugs or black market goods will not be tolerated in our spaces.
  • Cheat or hack. The exploitation of job logs is prohibited. Altering the economy, via the use of mods, programs, or anything of the sort, is prohibited. It should be noted that only TruckyApp and TruckersMP Dispatcher are exemptions to this rule, and may be used at any time. However, TruckersMP Dispatcher is only permitted, providing the 'urgency' figure is always set to '0'.
  • Advertise, spam or troll. No form of advertising is appropriate. Any form of spamming should be avoided. Trolling is also unacceptable. If you have evidence that you think our Human Resources team should see to help them take action against a driver, send it to them using the process outlined at the end of this article.
Code of Conduct Breaches

We take our Community Code of Conduct seriously. We will take action on accounts that we determine to have breached our Code of Conduct. Account actions can range from warnings and termination to a blacklist from Viva Trucking and our services at our discretion, where doing so would be in the best interests of Viva Trucking or our drivers.

If you believe that someone has broken our Code of Conduct, please read the section below and create a support ticket. This will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken by our Human Resources team.

In most cases, we operate a two-strike policy with regard to enforcement action across our social platforms and with regards to DriversHub moderation.

Drivers will be terminated from Viva Trucking on their second offence. However, serious offences may result in immediate account termination at our discretion.

Furthermore, should a driver attempt to circumvent enforcement action by use of alternate accounts, all accounts associated with that driver will be terminated with immediate effect.

While we respect people expressing themselves, these listed rules may also apply to any public-facing aspect of your profile in any of our social spaces as these areas are also moderated.

How To Report a Driver

The first step is to gather as much supporting evidence of the incident as possible. For further information on what is required before we can action a report, please read below.

Required supporting evidence when submitting to the Human Resources team
  • The offending drivers name and/or IDs
  • Full details of the incident
  • Supporting images and / or video clips of the incident
  • Clear evidence showing a driver breaching our Commmunity Code of Conduct.

Once you have your supporting evidence and are ready to submit your report, simply click the 'Contact Human Resources Staff' button in the #contact-us channel of our Discord and provide the information requested above.

If the attachment is too large to attach on Discord, please link to the video content you have uploaded online, along with any time-stamps of when the issue occurred. Example websites you can upload to include, Twitch, YouTube, or Google Drive - please note, if you are uploading videos to public areas and wish to keep your report confidential, please make sure the video permissions are as secure as possible.

Thanks for reading!