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Viva Trucking is an ATS and ETS2 trucking company like no other. We are a community dedicated to changing the way virtual trucking is today. We hire truckers from all over the world who are committed to being valuable members of our innovative company. Our mission has always been to build a place where truckers from all backgrounds can come together to form a friendly community. Our drivers always come first, making responsibility, respect, and trust, the basis upon which we have built our thriving community.

Our Technology

The Drivers Hub is the heart of Vivas operations. This custom-built system tracks drivers jobs and company data which are used to rank drivers within the VTC. Social features such as Divisions, Driver Spotlights, and much more help bring our community together. Live stats display job history and driving performance to our drivers accounts. All of this is introduced in our online training interface, which gets our new members up to speed on everything they will need to know about Viva. Our Drivers Hub has cost thousands of dollars to make and is constantly being updated to provide our community with exciting new features.

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Our Driver Experience

Viva Trucking focuses on our drivers more than anything. Our award-winning staff dedicates their time to make every drivers experience one to remember. Without our drivers, there would be no Viva Trucking. Click the button below to read how Viva has impacted dozens of lives.


Specialty Divisions are an original Viva Trucking feature that allows our community to enhance their gameplay experience in exciting new ways. Our drivers can join Agriculture, Flatbed, Hazmat, Heavy Haul, Intermodal, and Reefer Divisions to gain more revenue through division-dependent bonuses and add extra realism to their gameplay experience through advanced job logging features. Learn more about all the divisions Viva has to offer on our Division Page.

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