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Becoming a Driver for Viva Trucking is not only easy, but it provides you with the opportunity to become part of our family. In order to apply, you must meet a list of company requirements. Below are these requirements.

  • Must own an official version of ATS or ETS2
  • Must be 16 years or older (Lower age groups prohibited)
  • Must be willing to fill out trucking logs
  • Must speak English
  • Must have more than 50 hours in either ATS or ETS2
  • Must have any TMP bans/offenses publicly viewable (for application purposes only)

Viva Trucking is comprised of professional, hard-working drivers dedicated to providing quality service. Our team only hires the best drivers around to ensure that Viva Trucking's key values are always upheld within the truck sim community. Apply today and join the Kings of the Road.

Active Drivers1,500+
Daily Apps15+
Acceptance Rate74%
Average Response Time1.5 Hrs
Recruitment Process
1. Apply

When you apply, your application is passed onto our Admissions Staff who reviews your application to ensure we pick only the best Drivers for Viva!

Step 1
Step 2
2. Email

Once an Admissions Staff member reviews your application, you will receive an email with your results. If accepted you will receive a temporary password which you will use to log in to your new Drivers Hub account.

3. Training

Once you get settled into the Drivers Hub, you are required to complete our online interactive web-training. After you complete the training, you will be able to start working for the company!

Step 3
Have Questions?
We got answers. Here are some frequently asked questions from people like you.
How do I find my TruckersMP ID for my application?

Your TruckersMP ID is the numbers associated with your TMP profile link. Visit , go to the "Account" tab and trace down to "Profile." Copy and paste this ID into your application. This ID is used to display your TMP history to our Admissions staff. community.

Do you support Singleplayer?

Yes! Viva Trucking is one of the only VTCs in the TMP community that actively supports Singleplayer Drivers. You are required to still make a TMP account and provide your TMP ID in your application so that if you ever decide to participate in multiplayer events, we have your account on file.

Why does the application say my Steam Account is private?

In order to verify your game details and your Steam history, you are required to make both your Steam profile and your game library public. Once these changes are made, reverify your Steam account on the application page to start the application process.

How will I know if I have been accepted?

You will receive an automatic email sent by our admissions staff that will contain your application results and further instructions if accepted.

How long does it take to hear a response?

Depending on the time of day it could take anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours, but 89% of applications are reviewed in less than 2 hours.

My application got denied. What does this mean?

Our Admissions Staff is trained to pick the most professional/dedicated Drivers for the job as we hold very high standards in Viva Trucking. Your application can be denied if it lacks detail, shows you have multiple bans in TMP, or simply because you do not meet Vivas application requirements. You can re-apply after one week from the day you were denied.

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